Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Days 2-5

Ok it isn't as easy as I thought it would be to find the time to post every day. :-)  so I have some catching up to do!

Day 2- I'm grateful for my two adorable kiddos! Sydney makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes! Landen is such a sweet baby and always makes me smile! I can't imagine life without either of them and even tho life is crazy with two little ones, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Day 3- I'm thankful for my parents! They have taught me so much and are always willing to help out when I need them! I love living close to them! They are the best and I love them so much!

Day 4- The gospel. It is such a HUGE blessing in our lives and I can't imagine how life would be without it. I know its true! I love Sundays, its my favorite day of the week!

Day 5- The country we live in and all the freedoms we enjoy! I've seen firsthand how some people in other countries live and we are beyond blessed!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful November

I'm going to attempt to update each day with something I (or we) are thankful for. Today I am thankful for my hubbs of 6 years. He works so hard to provide and take care of his family and I love him like crazy. He is the best husband and Dad! I love watching him play with Sydney or hold and talk to Landen. I look forward to spending eternity with this man!!


We ended up going trick or treating with some friends and I was so suprised at how well Sydney did! She is normally very shy, so all day I was prepping her and telling her that to get candy she had to say trick or treat to people that she didn't know. She was such a champ and said it at every house and even told some people Happy Halloween after they gave her candy! She LOVED trick or treating and already can't wait to go again next year! Landen slept through all of it this year, but it will be fun to have him in on the fun next time!

Nursing and naps

A little update on both kiddos. Sydney is 3 and has recently decided that she no longer needs a nap. I still put her down most every day, but instead of sleeping most days she just talks and sings. I'm so not ready to give up nap time! That girl is so full of energy and life and I just love her, but I sure love nap time too and I'm sad to see it on its way out!

Landen is 2 and a half months old and is growing like a weed! He is the size Sydney was at 6 months old! We've had a rough couple of weeks and after lots of pain and problems I was forced to quit nursing. I never have loved the nursing stage, but I am so sad to be forced to stop. :-(  luckily Landen does great with a bottle and the transition has been easy on him. I'm just so bummed! I wish he would have been a bit older.