Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Month

Baby J is already a month old. I'm not really sure how that's even possible. I guess time flies when life is chaotic :)

Weighs 9lbs 15 ounces is in size 1 diaper and wears mostly size 3 month clothes. 


•sleeping amazingly well at night
•being held
•car rides
•being swaddled


•bath time 
•being poked, hit, and "loved on" too much by Landen
•loud noises

He is starting to smile at us every now and then and we really got lucky with this bebe. He is such a happy baby and he could not be any more perfect. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jace Tanner DeCoria

My pregnancy went really well with baby number three. No problems or issues. Landen arrived two weeks early on his own so I was sort of expecting the same thing this time around. Which was a mistake, because that did NOT happen. At 38 weeks I was dialated to a 3, at 39 weeks at a 4, and I figured this boy would come on his own anytime. But he had other ideas so I ended up scheduling to be induced on the 18th just two days shy of my due date. This was my first induction, and I gotta say it was kind of nice! Marshall had been insanely busy at work and one if our employees up and quit on us, so to be able to schedule a time on the weekend when Marshall was already off was really nice! It was also amazing to finally have a baby during the day instead if middle of the night!

We arrived at the hospital at 830 in the morning and ended up hanging out and waiting for a little while. They hooked me up for a bit to monitor the baby and around 1030 finally got things started by giving me pitocin and then broke my water. For the first hour on pitocin it didn't really do much. I just has random contractions that weren't the least bit painful. Marshall left to eat lunch before things got crazy and my parents stayed and kept me company. About 1130 the nurse informed me that if I wanted an epidural at any time then it would be about a half hour out when I did ask for it because the anesthesiologist was in a surgery. I decided to go ahead and request it so I could get it before the real pain started. Right after requesting it the contractions started hitting me super close together and they instantly got super painful. The half hour wait ended up being an hour and a half wait so I unfortunately did not get the epidural before feeling quite a lot of pain. After finally getting the epidural the nurse checked me and I was at a 9.5 and informed me that I was pretty close to being too late for the epidural. I was relieved I got it when I did! They had me push through 2 contractions because the baby was turned the wrong way. After those contractions he was turned the right way, I pushed through one more contraction and baby Jace was here! It all went super fast which was really nice! He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. We all couldn't believe I was carrying such a big baby! He has been the sweetest and best baby and such a blessing in our family. We all just love him to pieces!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Still Here

Well here I am super far behind again and wanting to try to catch up and stay up to date. So much time has passed since the last time I wrote though so I will just give a quick update on each family member. 

Marshall is back to working and busy busy! He spends his days working all day long and comes home just in time to eat dinner and see the kids briefly before bedtime. We recently acquired a large account that adds a lot more work which is great news. With this addition we will probably be looking for another work truck and employee to help keep up on the work. We have really been trying to get our house sold, and next month we will be moving into Marshall's parents house while they are on a mission. We are hoping to sell our house quickly so that we can start building again soon. 

I had a very uneventful pregnancy this time around which was so nice after having gestational diabetes the last time. We welcomed baby Jace into our family on May 18th, more details on that another time. I am adjusting to life with 3 kids and so far it hasn't been too difficult except for making sure Landen doesn't smother the baby with love. 

Sydney finished and graduated preschool. She loved doing preschool and will definitely miss it. We are hoping she will get to start kindergarten this year but we won't know for sure until right before school starts. 

Landen has quickly grown into a little boy. He loves cars trucks and balls and loves playing outside. He is talking more and more but is hard to understand most of the time. He loves his sister and loves to be doing exactly what she is doing. 

Baby Jace is about 3 weeks old now and is the best baby ever! He sleeps amazingly well at night only waking up to quickly eat then go back to sleep and very rarely wakes up more than twice all night long. He is a very happy and content little guy and we love having him in our family. Life is bit more chaotic now but I'm hoping to try to stay more up to date about what's going on in our lives.