Monday, August 2, 2010

10 and 11

I never got around to the 10 month post for Sydney so here is stats for her last 2 months!

~She stands on her own now.

~She took her first steps a few weeks ago.

~Altho she isn't completely walking yet, but she will take a few steps at a time here and there.

~Now that she is mobile she has been getting lots of bumps and bruises.

~She has hit her head on our entertainment center so many times I cant even count.

~She also has smashed her mouth on the entertainment center which caused massive bleeding.

~Yet she still plays on said entertainment center on a daily basis.

~She rocks back and forth to music, in particular to the hymns at church. Through the WHOLE hymn. It is hilarious.

~She still only has 4 teeth. How do you wean a baby off of bottles when she doesnt even have enough teeth to chew regular food?

~She likes to brush her own hair.

~She loves crawling up the stairs.

~She LOVES books. And is now learning to bring me one and climb on my lap so I will read to her.

~She points. At EVERYTHING. From the minute she wakes up her litte pointer finger is out and pointing at everything.

~The pointing is nice tho because she can point to what she wants.

~Her favorite snack is goldfish crackers.

~She loves her sippy cup.

~Lately when she wakes up from her naps she holds onto her blanky and doesnt let go of it for a while. And then if there is a blanky sitting around she will randomly stop playing to go over and snuggle with it.

~She is saying mama again! She used to say it fo about 2 weeks then just stopped. Im glad to hear her say it again.

~She still wakes up at night.

~She is such a joy and a blessing!