Wednesday, March 17, 2010


RSV- REALLY SUCKY VIRUS or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. But personally I like the first defnition better.
It has now been one week that Sydney has been sick. And boy has it been a week.
The past week for Sydney has been filled with:
~A constant runny nose
~Fluids gushing from nose, mouth, and eyes
~Tylenol and Motrin for fever
~A night in the Emergency Room
~A nasty cough
~Waking up several times in the night
~Throwing up on a daily basis
~No appetite
~Trip to the doctor
~Crying and fussiness. And lots of it.
~Having to change outfits several times a day. Lots of laundry for mom.
~Just overall a sad sad sick baby.
Not. Fun.
And its not over yet.
RSV sucks. We are sick of it.

Meet Puffy.

This is Puffy.

Puffy the Penguin Nebulizer.

Cute right?


Sure when its just sitting there you might think it's pretty cute, but as soon as you switch him on things turn ugly. At least for Sydney.

Puffy has become our best friend and Sydney's worst enemy at the same time. She screams and fights the mask the entire duration of the 15 minute long breathing treatment. However, this is what hopefully will clear out little Sydney's lungs so that she can breathe better. So for the next week, Sydney will get treatments from Puffy every 6 hours.

I hope it gets easier.

I hope the treatments work.

They dont always work.

Wish us luck.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

6 Months

This cute little girl is 6 months old already! Holy heck! The time flies by! Here are her stats:

~13 lbs 4 oz
~24 1/4 inches long
~She is in the 5th percentile for weight
~She recently discovered that she loves rolling over, which makes diaper changes a little more interesting
~She likes the bath, especially splashing in it
~She does not like riding in the car
~She goes to bed now around 830 which is super nice
~She is getting better and better at sitting up on her own
~She still loves her swing and is often found napping in it
~She is not a fan of sitting through church
~She loves her baby food
~She can have a bit of an attitude at times =)
~Instead of crying right away when she is upset, she now will just scream
~She still wears mostly 0-3 month size clothes, except for her jammies she wears 6 months
~She all of a sudden loves jumping, ALL the time

She is starting to have so much personality and it is so cute and fun! We just love her!