Monday, May 24, 2010

These are my Confessions....

~I hate folding laundry. It piles up into a big heap on our sitting room floor and sits there for days before I finally break down and fold it.

~I love Insanity workouts. Yet I very much hate them.

~I love cooking. But I still have my nights that all I want to do is go buy a pizza for dinner.

~Most days its still hard for me to fathom that I am a mom. Even though Sydney is almost 9 months old.

~I like calling Sydney Syd for short. But I honestly hate how Syd sounds.

~It scares the bageebers out of me to have more kids. Because 1 is hard enough.

~I am trying to get better about not being so irritable. Lately thats been quite difficult for me.

~I love Marshall like crazy. But I've been terrible at showing it lately. And it makes me sad.

~I am trying to grow some vegetables. But I am terrible at keeping plants alive. And I have no idea why.

~Sometimes I miss working. But I know I should just be grateful that I get to stay home with Sydney.

~I love shopping. Probably a little too much.

~I covet people with naturally tan skin. I know. Shame on me.

~I love cake batter ice cream. Again, probably a little too much.

~I miss being able to see my family. All of my siblings live out of state or out of the country.

~We are leaving for our first ever camping trip with Sydney this week. And I am less than thrilled. I'm sure I will write about it once we are back.

Friday, May 7, 2010

8 Months

I cant believe our baby is already 8 months old! Could the girl get any cuter?

~She still says dada a lot. And still does not say mama.
~She is just starting to crawl! I can't believe she's mobile!
~She still adores her jumper.
~She still wears some of her 3 month size onesies.
~She hardly ever wears shoes or socks. They just dont stay on.
~She likes to eat her toes when I change her diaper.
~On a couple occasions she has pulled herself up on things to a standing position.
~She has A LOT of hair
~She is ticklish
~She loves giving us "kisses"
~She also loves pulling hair and clawing at your face.
~She loves splashing in the bath
~She throws little mini fits, she will lasy on the ground and kick her legs and yell. Its kinda amusing.
~She is adorable and we love her!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Day From You Know Where

Today has been rough. To say the least. It all started with me waking up late. So Im in a hurry. And everything in the world always seems to go wrong when Im in a hurry. Here are today's events:

~Sydney woke up and her pajamas were soaked from head to toe in pee. Her bedding was also soaked. This has been happening every morning lately. We just switched to Target brand diapers and I am NOT a fan so far.
~So I wiped her down real good with disinfecting wipes and called it good for the time being, since I was already running late.
~I jumped in the shower and put Sydney on the bathroom counter in her bumbo seat with some toys. Well she got ahold of the ceramic soap dispenser and threw it on the floor, it broke into lots of tiny sharp pieces, and soap went EVERYWHERE.
~After cleaning up that mess I discovered Sydney had leaked through her diaper AGAIN. This time poop. Everywhere. I discovered this after picking her up and getting it all over myself. So in the bath she went.
~This is all before 930 am.
~We got home from the meeting at noon. Sydney had not napped at all yet. So of course I lay her down for a nap. She slept for only a half hour instead of her normal 2 hours. She still hasn't napped any more than that today.
~She leaked through 3 more diapers.
~She has been in 6 different outfits today.
~Im REALLY hating these Target diapers now.
~She went into the bath for the second time, and peed on our bed after the bath.
~We went to Walmart. Big mistake. She had a massive meltdown while waiting in the checkout line.
~Its only 5 pm.
~And we still have a baby shower to attend tonight.
~Im beyond done with today.
~Thank goodness for chocolate and Dr Pepper.