Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know how the saying goes...

"Everything happens for a reason" and "Things will happen when they are supposed to"

but is it "when it's supposed to" yet??

Because I'm really kind of getting impatient....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rexburg Pictures

Here are some pictures from our fun trip!

Roadtrip, Babies, and Bears!

Last week Sydney and I packed our "Soupcases" (as Sydney calls them) and headed out for a roadtrip with my parents to go visit my brother, his wife, and their sweet new baby Caden!

We packed the car Thursday late afternoon, grabbed Sydney a happy meal and were on the road! We drove half way Thursday and stopped in Boise where we got to stay with my aunt and uncle and their family! It was great so nice of them to let us crash at their house, and it was great to see their family!

Friday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out again to drive the rest of the way to Rexburg. We made it about 5 minutes out of Boise before we started hearing strange noises coming from the car. We pulled over, only to discover we had one of these:

Bummer! So we (and when I say we I mean my dad =) ) unpacked the entire car, put on the spare tire, turned the car around and went back to Boise to find a tire shop. We got brand new tires and were on our way. Again. We pulled into Idaho Falls later that afternoon, where we stopped at Winger's where my brother is the manager and had some yummy food! Sydney did AWESOME on the way there. She only complained once or twice that her bum hurt and asked me to fix it for her =) other than that she did fabulous!

Once in Rexburg we spent Friday evening hanging out at my brother's house, catching up, and snuggling baby Caden! Here is his adorable little self:

He is SO stinking cute and so cuddly! He is seriously the quietest and happiest little baby! I had NO idea babies could be that quiet and calm! I hope my next one is as good as he is! I could have snuggled and held him the entire time we were there! It was so good to cuddle a new baby again! Its been way too long!

Saturday we got up and headed to Bear World! Oh Bear World! Sydney LOVED it there. She would have been happy spending all day, every day there. We first drove through the are where you drive around and look at the animals, we saw lots of deer, a moose, buffalo, elk, albino elk (I had no idea these even existed!) and lots of bears! It was so cool! After we drove through once, we went into the gift shop and it was heaven for Sydney! You walk in, and there are stuffed animals EVERYWHERE. Seriously. Her dream! We ended up walking out with only one new one, a cute white, super soft bear. It is her current favorite! (I would post a pic, but of course it is currently napping with her)

Other activities at Bear world included feeding the ducks:

Petting the animals in the petting zoo area:

Watching these super cute bear cubs wrestle and play:

And one of her favorite things, riding the rides! She would have gone on the rides over and over all day long!

Later that night we got some way yummy mexican food from the infamous Taco Bus in Rexburg. Sunday was the baby blessing and it was beautiful! After leaving church we all got to take much needed naps, and eat some seriously amazing homemade pizza. Later that night we went and saw some pretty waterfalls, but it was too dark to get a great picture. We had so much fun meeting baby Caden and hanging out with family! We stayed up late and woke up early amd didnt nap a whole lot so we were a bit worn out when we got home, but it was worth it! The drive home was uneventful and went better than I ever could have imagined, Sydney did so good! We hope to visit again sometime!