Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well here I am just 9 weeks from my due date! I''m not going to lie, that still seems like forever away but I know its going to fly by. A few updates about this pregnancy:

~I failed my glucose test, like bad. Then went on to fail my 3 hour glucose test also. Therefore I am considered gestational diabetic. More about that another time.
~This boy still doesn't have a name picked out. But I'm not really stressed about it. I want one name, husband wants another. We will see...
~I can still fit into a pair of pre prego jeans, I can button them and everything. I kinda like this. Just sayin.
~Pretty sure this kid will come out doing somersaults. Because thats what it feels like he is constantly doing. It has me slightly worried that he will be a hyperactive one ;-)
~The heartburn this time around has been horrendous. Not joking. I think we finally found a combo of meds that helps tho. Wahoo!
~I not so secretly am hoping this kid comes early, like a couple weeks early. But I'm fairly certain that every pregnant woman feels this way.
~I never want to go camping again while prego. Ever.
~I am so excited to see what this little guy looks like and to snuggle him!