Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh Baby Baby

The picture says it all :) Baby number 3 is joining our family! I am 14 weeks and due  May 20th. We are excited to add another sweet baby to our family! 


The beginning of September I took the kids and went with my parents and sister to go visit my brothers family in Arizona. I was a little nervous to go, I had never flown with the kids and was worried about going without Marshall. Luckily my parents were on the same flights and they were a big help! Both kids did amazing the whole way there! It was such a relief. 

We had a great time seeing everyone, all of us siblings were together for a few days which rarely happens. My kids had a blast playing with cousins so many days in a row! While down there we celebrated my brother Tyler's birthday, attended his graduation and were there for the blessing of their newest baby. It was great being there for all the milestones. 

We had fun just hanging out with the family, eating good food, playing, going to the zoo and much more. By the end of the trip we (me) were exhausted from sharing a hotel room with my 2 kids and was definitely ready to get back home to Marshall. We had quite the ordeal trying to get home which is a super long story but we basically got stuck in Denver for an extra day with no luggage. It took us 2 and a half days of traveling to finally make it home. Yikes! Overall I was glad we went and were able to spend time with my family. We love family time!

Trying To Catch Up

Oh man. I am SO behind. When I get behind on the blog I just get overwhelmed with how much I've missed and I just stop trying. Then a few months go by and I finally decide to try and catch back up. So here's a start. There will be more to come!

Sydney's Birthday Celebrations

Sydney's birthday was on September 1st which fell on a Sunday this year. The whole day we did what she wanted to do. Her main request was to have my parents and sister over for dinner. And for dinner she chose spaghetti with meatballs, cottage cheese, and tomatoes. Its her fave! For dessert instead of cake she wanted brownies with ice cream. So we stuck candles in the brownie pan and sang to her (which she hated), and then she opened presents from us. We felt like this year as soon as her birthday hit she had a bigger attitude. I guess that's what happens when you are 4. It was a fun day spending time with her and family.

The weekend before her birthday she had a combined friend party with her cousin Livi. We had it at a gymnastics place and they had so much fun! After planning Landen's big birthday party it was nice to have it at a place where little planning was required! And it was just what the girls wanted!


Sydney started preschool this year and so far it is going great! We have really gone back and forth with deciding whether she will start kindergarten next year or wait til the following year. We have decided that we will start her next year even though she will be barely 5 and the youngest in her class. I am excited that she is doing preschool this year to help prepare her for kindergarten. She loves going, she is doing great, and I love that I have 3 hours in the morning 3 times a week to do what I want! It has been so nice!


The kids and I flew down to Arizona with my parents and sister to visit my brother Tyler and his family. I will do another post about this one later, but it was so nice to go and see family we don't see very often!


I had a birthday and turned 26! My SIL Julie took my kids most of the day and I got to do whatever I wanted ALL DAY LONG. That NEVER happens and it was amazing! That night Marshall and I went on a date and it was just what I needed. It was a good day and I still feel like a teenager! Ha!


We celebrated our 7th Anniversary this year! It is crazy to me that we've already been married 7 years. I look forward to many more to come! We celebrated by going to dinner and then we went shopping for a new TV. Super exciting stuff. Haha! I love my hubbs and I am so lucky to have him!

That's it for now! Hopefully more to come soon :)