Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our 11 Month Old Boy

It is so crazy that in just a few weeks we will be celebrating Landen's 1st Birthday. It has flown by so fast, much faster than Sydney's first year! Landen has been such a great addition to our family. We just love him oh so much! 

11 Months

-Refuses to hold his own bottle still

-Eats anything and everything, doesn't love baby food anymore unless its the pouches of fruit and veggies

-Loves bananas and avocados the most

-Waves, but only when he feels like it

-Signs "all done" but he does it pretty much the whole time he's eating so he hasn't quite figured out when to use it 

-Screams if we leave him, so if we get a sitter we wait til after he's in bed

-Already likes playing with cars

-Loves when we get him up on the couch, he likes to crawl across it and then dive head first off the end of it while we hold his legs

-Went from loving bath time to hating it and I have no idea why. He screams and cries through the whole thing now. 

-Does not like loud noises. Including (but not limited to) trucks, the blender, vacuum, hair dryer, motorcycles, etc. 

-Still in size 18 month clothes, we struggle with shoes because his feet are so darn chubby! Size 4 shoes give him plenty of room for his toes but most size 4 I can't get his foot into because they are just too chubby on top!

-Is quickly turning from baby to little boy. It amazes me how much he learns and understands. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


I started off the day by taking the kiddos to the 4th of July parade. I was a little worried about taking both kids, but luckily my sister was able to come with us and help out pushing one stroller. Sydney loves parades and had been excited for weeks for the 4th. The parade was lots of fun and even Landen did great! He loved watching until the end when the fire trucks and police cars came through with their sirens on and he got scared pretty good. 

After the parade we got together with friends for swimming and a barbecue. Sydney loved having friends to play with and it we had lots of yummy food! We all left and went home and napped in preparation for staying up late for fireworks! When it was time we loaded up and headed to the Pasco side of the river to watch. The kiddos loved it and it was so worth keeping them up way past bedtime! The 4th is one of Sydney's favorite holidays and she is already counting down for next year.

We are so grateful for this country we live in and for the freedoms we enjoy! We are so blessed to live here!