Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life is Good....Soak It Up

I have come to realize that life can be so short, and that we need to soak up every moment we can with our loved ones. Of course I already knew this but the last couple of months it has really hit me. I had a rough couple of months with health issues. I started having dizzy spells and after one of the dizzy spells I realized that I had a VERY low heart rate. It rests in the low 40s to 50. While this can be normal for professional athletes, I can assure you it's not because I'm in as good of shape as one =) I also have had a constant headache since about a month after Landen was born. I have had a bunch of tests done and they didn't really find anything wrong other than confirming that I do in fact, have low heart rate. Luckily for now nothing needs to be done. If I continue to have dizzy spells, or if it gets lower and I pass out then they will consider treating it. But the only way to permanently treat it is to put a pacemaker in. Nothing like being told at the age of 25 that a pacemaker could be a future possibility. Yikes! It's not likely it will come to that though. Thank goodness! So for now I just deal with a constant headache (fun right?) and I have an extremely slow resting  heart rate, which the doctor said could be a good thing because then it won't wear out as fast =) I realize that life so far has gone by so fast, and I'm trying more to live in the moment rather than wanting time to go by faster. I'm trying to enjoy my kiddos at the age they are more, even tho a lot of days can be a challenge. I am taking the time to soak it all in! Enjoy the little moments in day to day life, and make every day a good one! We are responsible for whether we have a good day or bad one!

3 Months and Spit Up

Our little Landen is headed up to Spokane tomorrow to see a gastroenterologist and hopefully get some answers about his spitting up problems. We have literally tried EVERYTHING and the kid just constantly is spitting up. Which in turn also means he is constantly eating, and we are going through formula like crazy! We have changed his type of formula countless times, had him on different meds for reflux, thickened his formula, used probiotics and enzyme supplements, and so many other things but he continues to spit up. A lot. Like so much that some days he goes through all the clothes that currently fit him in a day. I'm really hoping we can get some answers and we don't drive up there for no reason. Despite his constant spitting up, he is still rapidly gaining weight. So the doctor isn't too concerned. But it sure would be nice to not have him spitting up so much!

Here are his 3 month stats: (which are a little late)

~ 13 lbs 11 ounces! (He is SO big!)
~Loves watching his sis
~Loves bath time
~Like sucking on his hands
~Sleeps really good most nights!
~Loves his swing now
~Hates having a dirty diaper
~Hates riding in the car, especially when its dark
~Sits in the bumbo, but his head is so big he struggles keeping it up after a while! =)
~Wears 6 month size clothes, some 9 month jammies
~Has started to laugh a bit, and is very smiley!

He is such a sweet boy! Wish us luck tomorrow and I will update more about that appointment later!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thankful November...Even Though it's Already December!

So I didn't do so awesome at posting every day in November about what I was thankful for. Life has just been super crazy. I did however take the time to realize the little (or big) things that I am grateful for even though I didn't post about it every day. Here are some of the things I thought of.

Awesome friends and family
Lysol wipes (some days I just dont know what I would do without them)
A warm cozy house
My comfy bed
Running hot water
The gospel
Family time
A dishwasher
My jacuzzi bath...oh how I love it
No debt other than our house
Our business and all our customers
Date nights with my hubby
Food on our table
So many thoughtful people who help me on a regular basis that dont even know me (like people at the grocery store who return my cart for me because I have 2 young kids. Things like that have happened a lot to me lately!)
Modern medicine
Good doctors
Good health

We had a good thanksgiving and hope you did too!