Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer 2014

This summer is slowly coming to an end and it has flown by. I feel like our entire summer was made up of packing, moving, unpacking cleaning and organizing at the new house, and trying to adjust to life with 3 kids. We did manage to sneak some fun in though! 

The beginning of July Marshall's parents left on a mission to Denver and we moved in to their house. We are in the process of getting our house sold and we will hopefully start looking for another lot to build on here soon. Moving with 3 kids, one being a newborn was quite the experience ha! We did it though and are now settled in the new place. The kids have done amazing with the move. 

I also spent a lot of time teaching Sydney at home this summer to help prepare her to take the early entrance test to see if she could start kindergarten. She is so smart and retains every bit of information. She took the test a little over a week ago and we quickly found out that she passed. She will be starting kindergarten this week! I still can't believe she's old enough to be in school. We are so proud of her!

Some of the fun activities we did were:

• 4th of July parade and fireworks
• swim
• water gun fights
• car parade
• jump at indoor trampoline park
• take the boat out
• spending the nice nights playing outside with the kids
• birthday parties
Next week we are headed to the Oregon coast with my family and I can't wait!