Friday, April 24, 2009

San Diego

So a couple weeks ago my brother got married in the San Diego temple which was BEAUTIFUL! We decided to save money and drive down there instead of fly which was definitely a mistake! If I could do it over again I would totally pay the extra dough and fly! The wedding was on saturday morning so we planned on leaving Thursday and driving Thursday and Friday to get there in time. Well we got a late start, we didnt end up leaving tri-cities until after 6 pm on thursday night with a 20 hour drive still ahead of us. So we drove till about 2 am and finally stopped to sleep for a bit, then we got up and were back on the road by 8am the next morning. Friday we drove ALL day we finally made it to our hotel at 11pm Friday night. While driving Friday I started getting bad cramps in my stomach which I was told is a sign of pre term labor so I was freaking out and crying part of the way because I was afraid I was going to lose the baby. Not fun. It ended up being nothing Im totally fine now and the baby is good too so no worries but at the time was soo scary! I think Marshall got a little frustrated with me on the way there and back having to stop so frequently so I could go potty and I felt bad because it made the drive just that much longer, but when you gotta go you gotta go! Anywho so the wedding was great that temple is amazingly beautiful, I cried during the sealing and forgot to bring tissues with me haha my emotions are so crazy right now! Being pregnant has made them like 10 times worse than before! So later Saturday night was the reception which was also great. Then Sunday morning which was also Easter we woke up and started our drive back home! what a vacation huh?! lol Ok so it wasnt much of a vacation considering we were driving practically the entire time BUT it was really nice to have my whole family all together which doesnt happen very often now that my oldest brother and his wife and baby live in Alaska and my other siblings are in Idaho. It was also awesome to be there for my brothers sealing I love going to the temple and I especially love seeing people get sealed it reminds me of when Marshall and I were sealed and it makes me realize how blessed we really are! So that was our trip we returned Monday night only to get up Tuesday morning and go back to work! I hope we get to go back to san diego sometime its way pretty there and hopefully next time we can stay longer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So far my pregnancy has been pretty darn good especially when I look at how miserable it can be for some women, so I am very grateful! Here are my likes and dislikes so far....

-Feeling little kicks and punches
-knowing we are having a little girl
-not feeling sick anymore and being able to shower without throwing up
-having an excuse to eat a lot
-seeing Marshall excited that hes going to be a dad
-having my SIL Julie to talk to about everything that happens when you are prego because we are going through it for the first time at the same time
-getting cute baby stuff

-Heartburn... it is seriously already horrible Im afraid to see how bad it will get in the coming months
-Having to pee ALL the time
-Gaining weight (this one right now more so than the others because today my scale said I gained 4 pounds since yesterday...what the heck??)
-Not having very many clothes that fit and not being able to find prego clothes that fit when shopping
-knowing that im doomed to have stretch marks afterwords

Overall Im a pretty happy camper and things are going great...Im halfway there!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New to all this!

OK so I am new to all this so it probably wont be all fancy till I get it all figured out but I figured it was about time to get one of these. Especially now that I feel like I have more to write about since we have a little one on the way! It seems like life is a little crazy and we dont always see or talk to family and friends as much as we should so I thought it would be good to keep people updated on how things are going through this enjoy!!