Friday, October 29, 2010

What Sydney with Roseola Looks Like

This is Sydney with sad!

Sad, Sad Day at our House

Sydney was diagnosed with roseola today. She had a high fever and now she has a rash all over and most of all she is SAD. So very sad. I feel terrible for her and it is rough having a little girl that is sad all day. Anyone been through this roseola thing before? Any recommendations? We are on day 6, so we are hoping she is on the mend, but no sign of her feeling better yet. Poor poor Sydney.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Sydney and I ventured out to the Country Mercantile TWICE for the pumpkin patch, petting zoo, climbing on the straw pyramid, riding the carousel, and having one of their yummy sandwiches for lunch! The first time we went with friends and the second time we went with my parents. We had such a fun time! Here are some pictures!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sydney and I had our first actual conversation the other day. We were getting ready to go and I grabbed her shoes and she wouldnt come near me. So insued the following conversation:

Me: Sydney do you want to go bye bye?
Sydney: Yah.
Me: Well then come here so we can put your shoes on.
Sydney: Nonononononono.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I am grateful. Grateful for Sydney. Grateful for our eternal family. Grateful for each and every day.
Sydney has been having some rough days lately and today wasn't any different. Just this morning I sat complaining to friends about how difficult she has been lately. I keep having these days that by the time 8 o clock rolls around I feel like I'm going crazy. But then something happened. A friend posted a link in her blog post that changed how I felt. A blog of a family that lost their 18 month old girl recently from a drowning accident. I sat and read their story and cried. And my complaining spirit soon turned to embarrassment, and then to gratitude. Embarrassement because I am SO blessed and instead of counting my blessings I complained. While this other sweet family lost their sweet little girl, Im sure they miss even those rough days with their sweet baby. I am so blessed to have Sydney in my life. I am grateful for every day with her. Even on days like today. Especially on days like today. My heart is so full right now. Tears are still streaming down my face. My sweet girl is napping and I cant wait for her to wake up so I can give her a big hug and kiss. I am grateful, so very grateful today. Are you?
If you would like to read the story go here:

One Year

Im WAY behind on blogging so please forgive my tardiness. =)

A month and a half ago Sydney Jade turned 1! She's such a big girl now! I love seeing her grow and develop and she is such a blessing in our lives. I love her more than I could have ever imagined possible. I love that she is my little buddy that goes everywhere I go and hangs out with me all day long. I can't imagine life without this sweet girl. Happy Birthday Sydney!