Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Landen Lately

I haven't done a post about Landen since his first birthday and he has grown so much since then. He does and says new things on a daily basis now. I love this stage and I love that he is finally learning to communicate with us. 

~still only has 6 teeth and is a pretty good eater
~naps once a day
~still in 18 month size clothes
~wears size 5 shoes but it is so hard to find shoes that fit because his feet are so chubby heighth wise!
~says mama, dada, sis, ball, bye, hi, papa, diaper, berry, all done, more, no, go, belly, balloon. I'm sure there are more that I can't currently think of. 
~points to body parts if you ask him to
~likes to "smell" things
~loves waving to people
~likes dogs from afar but he freaks out if they get too close
~doesn't care for tv
~continues to love and prefer his dad 
~likes dancing to music
~loves balloons and balls
~is suddenly a hitter and he is very sensitive and gets very sad if anyone is stern with him
~doesn't like loud noises
~loves Christmas lights
~blows kisses
~likes to "wrestle" and if you lay down on the floor you are fair game!
~is getting better and better at stairs and we don't always have to put the baby gate up now
~had his 3rd haircut and he still cries through the entire thing
~is all boy and loves cars and boy things. He does however enjoy putting on Sydney's play necklaces and other jewelry and carrying around her play purses :)
~likes giving high fives and knuckles
~loves reading books

He is getting to be such a big boy!