Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of the mouth of Sydney...

Sydney has become more and more fun and she continues to talk like crazy, as you can imagine, she comes up with some pretty funny and sometimes weird things to say! Here are a few =)

~As I'm cooking dinner she comes into the kitchen and says "Mom!" when I ask "What?" she responds "peace out!" then turns around and goes back to the living room to play

~Sometimes when Sydney toots, we will ask her "who tooted??" and she will respond with a straight face "Olivia tooted" (her cousin)

~Also after she toots we ask her "what do you say?" to which she normally replies "excuse me" but occasionally we will get something like "BIG toot!" instead.

~If you ask her who is pretty she will normally respond and say "Uncle Bubba pretty" or "Uncle Dustin pretty" or name other uncles

~If you ask her "where do we go poo poo?" she will normally say potty, But sometimes she says "bathtub!"

~Me: "Sydney do you want a hot dog for lunch?" Sydney: "No." "TWO HOT DOGS!"

A bird? A plane? A SYDNEY!

Here is Sydney showing you how to be a bird. Just in case you were wondering how. =)

New Love....

I have a new love thanks to my SIL Julie..........what is it you might ask?


Yes, sushi! It is so dang good! Thanks for introducing it to me Julie! Regular sushi dates will be a must!!